Saturday, June 11, 2011

#40 The Moonstone Castle Mystery, P2.

The girls DO NOT DIE, but the old man is injured. The other careless boat drivers get away! But don't worry, some canoeists come along at just the right moment and help. The police come along too, and blame Nancy and friends for the supposed theft of the boat. No argument will help--until back at the station, where Nancy innocently mentions her father. Hurrah! Carson Drew's daughter and her friends could do nothing wrong!

A girl at the party mentioned an adoptive girl named Jodine Armstrong. Nancy has a hunch. Jodine sounds SO much like Joanie! Um, whatever, They visit Mrs. Armstrong. Jodine, aka "Jody", isn't around, but they don't give up. What if "Jodine Armstrong" is an alias? Something must be done!

The girls also keep exploring the castle, but this time Ned and crew comes to act as personal bodyguards help Nancy sleuth. On one visit, Nancy disappears (of course) and the girls lament leaving her alone! But don't worry; Burt finds her in a tiny hidden room.

Well, long story short, the head of the operation, Peter Suggs, confesses that he and some other men and a woman were working to steal Joanie Hornton's estate. Oh, and Jody Armstrong is Joanie Hornton. The person who sent Nancy the moonstone for good luck is her Joanie's Aunt Elaine. Nancy met her once, via her Aunt Eloise, and thought she (Elaine) was nice. But the woman inadvertently got a really sh1tty husband and it took a long time for her to get out of the mess.

All is well, until #41, The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes.