Friday, November 4, 2011

Put down that book and LOL: Best Book-Related Blogs

Hi, friends. I'm just returning because I totally had to post about these blogs I've been insanely following. A couple are on my sidebar but they need the limelight! I love blogs that poke, satiric, innocent fun at books (mostly YA books), such as Sweet Valley High or Twilight.
  • Dan Bergstein is the awesomest awesome Twilight blogger that was ever awesome. Check it out. I hope you aren't planning anything 'cause you won't stop at the first post (or the fifth...or the tenth...or the fifteenth...or...)
  • Remember the Little House books? Whether you read one or all of them, this insane blog will get you laughing. Didn't think one could satirize these books, cherished by generations of children? Don't make me laugh. ;)
  • Here is a blog about old/outdated/useless books that have to be pulled from library shelves. Sound boring? Na, these librarians will make you laugh, taking on every "weeded" book from a book about the wonders of TV, circa 1965, or a kid's book about a drinking, drug-taking horse.