Sunday, June 3, 2012

#13: Mystery of the Ivory Charm; revised ed. and comparison

The revised edition isn't too different from the original. Fashions and cars have been updated, but that's per usual. I'll just illustrate a few main points:
  • The revised edition doesn't begin with the girls waiting for the train. Mr. Drew has another case that he needs Nancy to investigate (of course). His client is, conveniently, the circus manager. His case involves illegal activity at the circus. The manager gives out four tickets to the circus as a favor. Carson, Nancy, Bess and George go to the circus, and now we meet Coya and Rai. Coya is now named  Rishi.
  • The circus manager becomes Rishi\Coya's legal guardian when Rai disappears, and requests that the Drews house him. This gets the Drews out of the sticky "kidnapping Rishi\Coya for his [Rishi\Coya's] own protection without telling any officials" deal.
  • Hannah has no issues with keeping a "brown-skinned boy" as in the original, TG. She also does not worry about Rishi\Coya getting the idea that he's a raja and thus becoming a snob.
  • And that's...pretty much it. It's less descriptive, but doesn't wander as much as the original did. I actually even like the cover illustration better.More mysterious, IMO.
Up next: More 'Little House'!

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